Glavas Inn Hotel & Resort

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A home away from home.

The whole story begins when Dimitris & Flora choose to build a hotel that surrounds their home. The Glavas Inn soon opened its doors to 30 guest rooms with 6 employees in June, 1990.

Our family lives here throughout the year. The three children – Eleana, Petros and Emily literally grew up right to the front desk. As the years went by, Mitsos and Flora, bought land adjacent to the hotel and created more rooms.

Dimitris, our dad, had a vision of creating a house to welcome people from all over the world.

His culinary career started in 1972 in Detroit, Michigan where he owned three restaurants. After 15 years he came back to Greece in Halkidiki where he found our little oasis. He and our mom Flora, wanted to make guests feel like home, and this is why they created many green places around the rooms and served home cooked meals with local products. Some of the recipes used are from his mother/our grandma Anna, and our mom Flora.

Eleana, the oldest daughter is an architect, and this is why she is in charge of any new designs and renovations of the hotel. She is always trying to create something unique and at the same time, special for every guest.

Petros is always looking after guests, introducing them to the spots locals love to eat, drink and telling them our stories and listening to their own.

Our youngest one, Emily, is taking care of our social media accounts and is always around assisting our guests.

A member of our family now is Lucy Lu. A dog that every guest loves! She loves belly rubs and hanging out at the beach.

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