Rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected upon departure including the use of Electrostatic Sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant. Reduced paper amenities and decorative ornaments. The following touchpoints are routinely sanitized: all doors, safes, windows, light switches, power outlets, outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, showers, bathtubs, sinks and faucets, stairwell railings, luggage racks, remote controls, mirrors, handles. All of our rooms have their own terrace or balcony and a private entrance.

Check out is at 11.00 and check in at 15.00. One person is allowed at the front desk. High touch areas, such as, but not limited to doors, door handles, handrails, furniture in public spaces, signature pads, and credit card readers are cleaned and sanitized on a frequent and routine basis. Public restrooms are cleaned with increased frequency with locks, walls, toilet seats, sinks, faucets, and doors being disinfected during each service. The elevators are frequently cleaned.

Every set of table and chairs is located two meters apart from the next one. The buffets are operating differently. A waiter is assisting each guest at the buffets. The buffet is frequently cleaned. All table tops and chairs are being disinfected after use. Enhanced food safety and hygiene protocols are being implemented for our restaurant and bar. We are certified from ServSafe, a global food safety management system that guarantees all of our food-related safety procedures

Increased cleaning frequency of outdoor furniture. For healthier water: we upgraded our pool filters from sand to glass. Glass in its most common form, can filter down to 9 microns. Unlike sand having jagged edges to trap particles, glass has a negative charge on the surface, which is able to attract the finest of particles. It is non-porous and ionicly charged with aids in the killing of bacteria and organic material.

We have added extensive sanitizing practices in all areas of our hotel, from the front desk to the restaurant, to our already thorough cleaning protocols.

Our employees’ body temperature is daily detected. They are required to wear gloves and face masks when entering enclosed areas. Our team is trained on how to respond in handling guests exhibiting any symptoms of COVID- 19. Our team upholds a strict schedule of routine hand sanitation throughout their time on property.

We have in house laundry services with hospital grade detergents from Diversey Corporation.

The total of people using the elevators cannot exceed two people or a family of two adults & two children. The elevators are being cleaning frequently. Guests should be wearing a mask when using the elevators.

A pair of sunbeds is placed 2 meters apart from the next pair. Sunbeds and table tops are frequently cleaned.

The total of people using our private shuttle service cannot exceed two people or a family of two adults & two children, plus the driver. The shuttle bus is being disinfected after each route.

Social and physical distancing is one of the most effective tools used to control and reduce the spread of Covid-19, and we appreciate your cooperation for the safety of other guests and our staff. Seating in all public areas is positioned at least 2 meters apart. Directional signage has been installed to maintain one-way traffic in public areas where possible. Floor markings indicate 2 meters distancing in the lobby, the bar and at the buffets.

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